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December 21, 2005


pure acai berry

Great site you have here. Enjoyed the post will bookmark. :)

Paul Greenberg

We're working on it. Not there yet. Everyone should check out the link that Mike from VisualMining (a BI/dashboard company with some panache) sent. The Onion is one of the greatest satires of all time and just cranks out brilliant stuff every day really. This particular entry is fantastic!!


Well, this is old but its still relevant:

Damn Yankees.


Hi Paul
You and Yvonne have a good one.
Up the Yankees!


OK, that's the Pirates, "stealing" is totally an Evil Empire trick


You and your Damn Yankees. The only reason you have a team at all is that you always steel the best Red Sox players- starting from way back with the Babe to the latest-Damon

Have a great cruise.

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