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February 24, 2006


Louis Columbus


First, cheer up. It could be worse, it could be raining! What a great line from Young Frankenstein that is.

Thanks for your very kind words, and I consider you to be the best writer in CRM, hands-down. I'm not saying that to be ingratiating, I'm saying that becuase I may need you as a reference (just kidding).

Together you and Vinnie Mirchandani have definitely raised the bar high on blog quality in enterprise software.

So many religions and so little time. That's what comes to mind on your existentialist entry. I think we're defined in our service and value delivered to others more than in our selfishness. To ignore service and compassion is to ignore a part of ourselves and cheat ourselves out of what really matters in life. I think a person who conquers in pure selfishness is already in a sense ironically defeated, becuase that connectedness that comes out of service is gone. Just my thoughts on your comments.

Well have a great weekend sir and I enjoyed your article over at CRMGuru.

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