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May 12, 2006


מכשיר שמיעה אודיקול

They recognized that they could modify to another business with the press of a rabbit as more and more of them started to use high speed internet connection so the practical knowledge transferred more effectively.

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yeah, nice ideas, do you have an idea, where i can find a producer for such skins?


yeah, nice ideas, do you have an idea, where i can find a producer for such skins?


I’m really impressed by the ideas you put forward. The overall scope of the piece surprised me a bit, but not without the realization that it is all connected.

I feel that the movement of individuals taking control of that which was once under the guise of the company or vendor is a universal movement towards independence and individualization. It goes all the way back to the introduction of cable television (the earliest example I can think of). Media consumption is an enormous part of our mindsets. We’re all like “Number 5” from Short Circuit with his demands for “Input.” And it used to be that we would take whatever was given to us, even if only three major companies were doing the talking.

Now, however, demand grows for more personalized, sectionalized and specialized “input.” That’s one of the major geniuses of blogs and podcasts. Mass media is returning to where it belongs, the masses.

Anyway, those are some of the thoughts that occurred to me as I read, along with, wonderment at the astonishment of a purse-snatcher when he stopped to examine his loot and found he’d nicked an uber-chic laptop computer!

Antoin O Lachtnain

Well, it's not diamond-encrusted, but we at can make your laptop special for under 30 bucks. I think there is a lot to the idea that consumers want something stylish, but there is more to it than that. The fact is that consumer goods are good quality and pretty cheap these days, but they all look exactly the same. Consumers want something different from that, something a little bit unique. That's why there's a market for mobile phone covers and funny ringtones.

To tie into the second part of this post, we like to think we're special 'cos we make every single laptop skin especially for the owner, to their specific requirements. That's our philosophy, customer-oriented rather than product oriented.

Thanks for the great thoughts!


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