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June 20, 2007


Jesus Hoyos

Paul, I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Bogotá, the food and the people... Bogotá as well as the rest of Latin America is doing amazing CRM as you mentioned. My travels through out the region show that CRM is alive in all countries and a prime market for Business 2.0. Like ETB, there are many companies in the region doing CRM - not just technology but processes and people...

Thank you for meeting Eduardo and mentioning Customers Forever. I added a few lines about your comments in my own blog... I also like the fact that we had the opportunity to communicate via our "blackberries" to setup the meeting with Eduardo ... while I was in Lima, Perú.

BTW, there are many other events in the region regarding CRM - Argentina, Brazil and Mexico have a few of these events twice a year ...


Well, im glad you enjoyed Bogota...

You may already know this but one of the largest CRM projects in the region (if not the whole of LATAM) is being done here in the ETB (Empresa de Telefonos de Bogota - Bogota Telephone Company) A project worth upwards of 10 million USD...

So, maybe we will see ya´ again in 12 months time!!

And yes, the place rocks!! Its one amazing City and one I love loving in...


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