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August 03, 2007


Brenda Barber

Same thing happened to us regarding the bait and switch with ATT & DTV. We have been paying them in order to avoid problems with them sending us to the credit bureaus, wlthough we have already reported them to several consumer fraud and government agencies. We are NOT going to pay them anymore and are letting our attorney sue them when they mess with our credit. Here is a copy of the letter we received from The Florida Attorney General's Office regarding the matter we complained about with AT&T baiting and switching us. WE are writing now to these agencies regarding DTV pretending to know nothing and ignoring our protests regarding their overbilling.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum received your email regarding your
concerns with AT&T. Attorney General McCollum asked that I respond. I am
sorry for the difficulties you have experienced.

Attorney General McCollum is concerned as well with potentially unfair and
deceptive trade practices that mislead consumers. By law, this office
exercises statutory authority to address consumer fraud under Chapter 501,
Part II, Florida Statutes, known as Florida's Unfair and Deceptive Trade
Practices Act. Our office focuses its enforcement efforts on business
practices by companies which harm numerous consumers in more than one
judicial circuit. We use complaints to develop information about patterns
of business activity which may indicate the need for formal investigation
or action by our office to protect the broad public interest. I am
forwarding your correspondence to the Attorney General's Economic Crime
Unit for review. What action, if any, this office may take is unknown at
this time. Please note this office does not mediate individual consumer

You may wish to contact the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) for
any assistance they may be able to provide, since this agency oversees
certain issues involving telecommunications companies. You may reach the
PSC at:

Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850
Telephone: (850) 413-6100
Toll-free in Florida: (800) 342-3552

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enforces regulations that were
designed to ensure competition among cable companies, satellite companies
and other entities that offer video programming services to the general
public. You may reach the FCC at:

Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Complaints
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20554

Listed below are FCC websites which may be helpful to you: (FCC-Cable Services Bureau) (FCC's cable television fact

Also, the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade
Commission each provide general information about ISPs and broadband

To file an individual complaint, please contact the Florida Department of
Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Consumer Services (DACS).
DACS is the clearinghouse for consumer complaints and has a voluntary
mediation program to assist individual consumers. You may contact DACS

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Consumer Services
2005 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Telephone: (850) 488-2221
Toll-free within FL: (800) 435-7352

Since the company is located in Georgia, you may also contact the Georgia
Office of Consumer Affairs at:

Georgia Office of Consumer Affairs
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Suite 356
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4600
Telephone: (404) 656-3790
Toll-free in GA: (800) 869-1123

Finally, Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act provides
individuals with a private remedy to bring an action for damages,
attorney's fees and court costs. Please consult a private attorney if you
need any legal guidance. If you need help finding a lawyer, The Florida
Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service toll-free at (800) 342-8060.

Thank you for contacting Attorney General McCollum's Office. I hope this
proves helpful. If you would like to keep current with news on Attorney
General McCollum's efforts to fight fraud please follow this link and
subscribe to the Attorney General's weekly and monthly electronic


Carmen James
Office of Citizen Services

Lucy Galtoire

October 19, 2009

Attn: Ellen Filipiak
Sr. Vice President
Customer Care
PO BOX 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Dear Ms. Filipiak:

I am writing you this letter to tell you how upset I am with your company following the events occurred after I contracted your services, which are related as follows:

On September 16, 2009, I was approached by an AT&T agent, promoting your DirecTV, offering upgrades and better rates than Dish network (my cable provider at that time.) The AT&T agent checked to confirm if I fulfilled my contract with Dish NW to retain the services of DirecTV. Soon after, I was transferred to DirecTV agent who was ready to sell. I was offered a Plus DVR premier package which included movie channels plus NFL for five months ending February 2010, for $29.00 + $10.00. She also stated I would get installation for 3 rooms free and a one year monthly rebate for $11.00 discount on my bill and after February my monthly bill will be reduced to $29.00. Upon acceptance of the package she scheduled a date to have the equipment install in my house. The employer left cardboard boxes, cables, screws, plastic and Dish network equipment in each room where he installed the receivers. He took the dish from the roof to install the new one and left cardboards, plastics, screws, cables and the dish all over the patio. I asked him to please put every thing in the old boxes and he responded that “he was not allowed”. I asked him to at least clean up after himself, before I could say anything else he left. This action is unacceptable; this behavior could have caused a horrible tragedy. My daughter’s four month old puppy came for a visit and went outside to the patio to pee, although I cleaned the patio the puppy in a matter of seconds found one screw and tried to swallow it. We had to rush him to the hospital to emergency. I called DirecTV next day to complain. It was useless; I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to take responsibility for this action. Two weeks later I received a bill from DirecTV dated October 6, 2009 for $78.68. Next day I called their billing department to inquire the contents of that bill only to find out that this was not the only bill I owed, but there was a previous bill which your billing department claimed it was sent on September 14th for $29.00, advising me that this was a one month’s in advance charge. At that time I also learned that as of that date I owed $175. I told them that I never received that September 14th bill, and that the October 16th bill for $78.68 did not reflect the package I was sold to and/or the total bill they claimed I owed for $175.00. Since then I spoke with several agents whom were rude and trained to say the same things, “were sorry but they couldn’t do anything” and trying to convince the customer that is wrong and they are right. Plus, DIRECTV doesn’t have an office or contact telephone number in Houston, Texas. There are only 3 numbers 1-800-531-5000; 1-888-200-4388; 1-800-860-4032 offered on your brochures, bill, internet or telephone directory, these numbers are of your billing department and/or customer representatives, whom will not let you speak to a supervisor. I find out with this experience that one is never allowed to speak to anyone with authority to honor you price or reverse the fee. There is no written contract to verify what I was told. Basically, it’s my word against yours. Upon them I am bound to your terms and conditions of the oral contract I entered by authorizing payment for DirecTV service, Your system is set up as a bait and switch system where they don’t allow you to speak to anyone with authority. I was conned and lied into getting service with DIRECTV you misrepresent with offers they don’t honor. I am so upset and sick going from agent to agent spending two to three hours at a time. I keep calling back to find someone that will listen and or a supervisor. I asked your employees to tell me where and who I could send a letter to dispute these charges, and I couldn’t get any answers. Your company should not be doing business if there are going to lie and con people into getting service and then defraud consumers with over billing. Only this last episode should be a wake up call to your company on how you are not making your customers happy! I would like a response ASAP about how you are going to take into consideration all the issues exposed above. My contract was for $29.00 with an extra charge of $10.00 to February 2010 which was going to be reduced with a rebate offer of $11.00. There is a big difference from $175.00 to $39.00.

You can reach me at 281-759-9894 or 281-686-2500. Thank you.

Lucy Galatoire


I had the same problem with Direct TV and the NFL package but they are refusing to cancel it and take that dumm automatic off so I going to sue them because this has got to stop every year I have the same problem. Direct Tv will never get my business again I will let everyone know via web, e-mail, news etc I am going all out this time. This really sucks!!!


My recent (and ongoing) dealings with Directv's Customer Service has been anything but pleasant. My first call on 4:50 pm 6/18, handled by Dwayne, was to cancel my NFL package, It wasn't. My next call due to being billed for the NFL package, was on 7/30 @ 4:20 handled first by Tracy, who transferred me to Michelle ( in moving) who transferred me to Ronald. Ronald did cancel the NFL package and issued a credit of $45.80 + $2.75 tx ( $48.55). When I checked the Recent activity for my account, there was a "Cancellation fee of $45.80 + $2.91 tx leaving me to OWE $2.91. On 8/4 I called a THIRD time & was handled by Josh, to get the billing issue resolved and to remove auto-pay (loss of trust). After reviewing the activity on my account it looked like this:
Recent Transactions View your Last Statement
Date Access Card Description Amount Tax
08/04/2007 xxxxxxxx0632 NFL SUNDAY TICKET - Pre-Ssn Sprt Cxl $-45.80 $-2.75
08/04/2007 xxxxxxxx0632 NFL SUNDAY TICKET - Cancelled Order $48.55 $2.91
08/04/2007 xxxxxxxx0632 NFL SUNDAY TICKET - Cancelled Order $-48.55 $-2.91
07/30/2007 xxxxxxxx0632 NFL SUNDAY TICKET - Cancelled Order $48.55 $2.91
07/30/2007 xxxxxxxx0632 NFL SUNDAY TICKET - Pre-Ssn Sprt Cxl $-45.80 $-2.75
07/28/2007 xxxxxxxx Payment - CCard $-114.22 $0.00
07/28/2007 xxxxxxxx Monthly Bill $0.00 $0.00
07/28/2007 xxxxxxxx0632 Additional Receiver - Charge $4.99 $0.30
07/28/2007 xxxxxxxx0640 TOTAL CHOICE-no locals $44.99 $2.70
07/28/2007 xxxxxxxx0640 NFL SUNDAY TICKET - Charge $45.80 $2.75
Resulting in a FOURTH call today, handled by Marvin to correct the discrepancy in the credit from canceling the NFL package. After a hold of over 10 min. I was assured it was corrected. I checked the Activity log on my account after 5 hours and it has not changed.
After being a Directv customer for almost 8 years, this kind of treatment is insulting to say the least.
I realize the discrepancy is only $2.91, due to the number of calls I had to make to get it corrected is maddening.

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