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August 03, 2007


Mei Lin Fung

"We want everybody to benefit from Singapore's success. " Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on the occasion of Singapore's 42nd National day August 9 2007

Full speech at

Dear Paul and Gary

Thank you for your good words about the place of my birth. Singapore is doing a lot to confront the issues of the day and in so doing, makes me want to contribute to the effort, which is for humanity and not just for Singapore - to expand on the quote by the Prime Minister above, he said in his National day speech:

"Income gaps are widening - here, and all over the world. With globalisation, hundreds of millions of unskilled workers are joining the global economy. They are pushing down wages at the lower end.

Rapidly changing technology is also making jobs more complex. People with skills and high ability are in growing demand, and being paid more.

We cannot stop or reverse this global trend. But we can do a lot to help Singa­poreans cope with it. We want everybody to benefit from Singapore's success."

If Singapore can pioneer the way to help the people of the entire nation benefit - then other countries can too.

I look forward to your continued engagement in working with this disciplined and passionate country, not without its faults, a country whose people who have seen great chnage in the 20th century and ever more willing to learn and move forward for the betterment of all.


I have been to Singapore about five times in my life, and like you I marvel at how their government balances economic productivity with concern for its citizens welfare. Mei Lin Fung has shared with me her thoughts of applying "citizen lifetime value" as a method to rationalize how a government should spend money ... and Singapore is smart enough to deploy such a concept.

I enjoyed your recent live broadcast on Web 2.0.

Gary Cokins

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