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September 24, 2007


Paul G.

Hi Dan,
Interestingly enough, I bought it yesterday and am going to test it and write on it for ZDNET. First glance, this is a calendar and contact management application, not social CRM by a fair amount. But that said, it might be good for what it is though. Looks that way. I'll find out soon enough.

Dan White

You might also want to see what Cermster has done.
Their Relations Manager has different approach on CRM

Relations manager web site:

Ben Smith

Hi Paul-

Thanks for including Heap in your bakeoff. One minor thing, the link you have for heap goes to, which we don't own. You can link to or

Ben Smith

Don Campbell

Hi Paul,
Can you elaborate on the functionality that you think Etelos CRM for iPhone is missing? We've tried to use the 80/20 rule and enable the key functionality that our users tell us they need. But if there are features you think are essential I'd honestly like to hear them so we can consider adding them. As for security, to my knowledge neither of the CRM suites you mention store data locally on the phone. What is the lack of security you mention to in your review?



Does this competition still make sense now that Apple has decided it doesn't want 3rd-party apps on its iPhone, on pain of your iPhone not working and your warranty being voided.

It is anti-customer decisions like these that remind me why I am not an Apple customer and will never be.

Graham Hill

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