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November 07, 2007


Roberto Galoppini

I enjoyed your post, I just happened to write about SugarCRM license and I thought you might find it interesting.

Christopher Nielsen

FYI: You or anyone else can review a live demo of info@hand with sample data at:
UN: admin PW: admin
We also have a live demo of the open source version SugarCRM at: - Same UN/PW
It is kind of an interesting comparison.
We have all kinds of other information at our site: and
Anyone can sign up for a free private 30 day demo of info@hand at:
We appreciate your comments on this platform and look forward to see how the open source movement will fit into the "light speed" of your next edition...

PS John and I realy enjoyed your Social Networking Web 2.0 Seminar... great group, informative and an important consideration for businesses that leverage the web.

Paul G.

Hey Chris and Paul,
I'm going to respond to both of you in this comment:
First, Chris- I actually considered including info@hand in this entry - due to the information you gave me when we met up in NY at the social media forum. The only reason I didn't was a combination of laziness and the fact that it is an extension of the CRM program and I wanted to highlight innovative uses of the platform that weren't CRM necessarily. From what I've seen of info@hand, it seems to be a very robust application and certainly more feature rich than the basic SugarCRM program and that's a good thing. I haven't tested it or got a demo so I'm not able to say much more.
Paul: True, people buy solutions but extensible platforms give more small entrepreneurial innovators a shot at creating something that people will buy. These aren't modifications. For the most part, they are new products entirely. I'm not looking at the value of a platform to the enduser, but to the business person who wants to create something that meets the demands of voracious customers who want personal cuts of the meat, not just chopped stuff.

Christopher Nielsen

Paul, ...glad to here your comments on SugarCRM. I have been a nut for Sugar for years. In a past life as a struggling artist (and small business owner) I remember scraping my pennies (nearly $1200 at the time) to buy two seats and a server license for MS Project Central because it offered web based project management and team collaboration tools. I was excited by the notion that I could get a group of people wired up and working together using web tools. With MS Project's complexity and the evolution of the open source movement, I soon found several other tools like NetOffice, eGroupware and phpCollab and was "gung ho" with how much they could do for a much smaller investment. Though each of these tools was very capable for their intended use they were only one piece of the pie. They were still disconnected from the contact management systems I used like ACT and Now-up-to-Date. Then I went on the creative rampage of "Hey what if I integrate a bunch of these tools to finish the pie". Well about this time I discovered SugarCRM. “Yippie… no need to reinvent the wheel” this was already done. I used SugarCRM with my business for about a year and was very pleased at the time. Sugar has come a long way since then. However, as my business and needs grew there were still some missing pieces. This is when I discovered info@hand which is built on the SugarCRM platform, so I did not have any new learning curve, but info@hand offers many useful accounting features and they connected with the ever popular Joomla CMS for their customer portal. At the time my company had been supporting Joomla CMS systems so this seemed like a natural fit... even though perhaps I was a little bias towards Joomla, it has proven to be a powerful community to be involved with. Info@hand is developed by author and software architect, Michael Whitehead who wrote the first user manuals for SugarCRM and a book called "Implementing SugarCRM". His rendition of the SugarCRM hybread called "info@hand" just released 5.2 with several upgrades to his add-ons for QuickBooks, mobile portal, Joomla customer portal with eStore and trixbox click-to-dial integrations. It offers a full circle transaction management capability in addition to all of the great project management, case management campaign management, bug tracking, customer management and team collaboration tools SugarCRM is known for. Hat's off to the SugarCRM Community for their innovations and Michael's team with info@hand for extending SugarCRM’s capabilities and creating a bridge between the SugarCRM and Joomla CMS platforms. This has created a best of bread Customer Relationship Business Management (CRBM) tool suite for small to mid-sized businesses. I know SugarCRM/info@hand has helped our company grow and prosper and we are on this bandwagon to stay. The roadmap looks good for the future in this camp.



Paul, although I love the idea of SugarCRM (damn, lets just call em Sugar Baby :) being a platform for creating Relationship Management Applications and Services, people and companies tend to buy solutions for, you know, top 3 reasons, that account for 90% of their functionality, a la How many people seriously modify this solution? As an old Timer myself I remember this stuff as ASP, and what makes a succesful ASP? Limited modifications. Before that was for technical reasons, perhaps now its due to time, effort and attention reasons.

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