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November 20, 2007


Filiberto Selvas

Coincidentally I wrote on VRM a few days ago; repeating my comment here:

“The goal of VRM is to improve the relationship between Demand and Supply by providing new and better ways for the former to relate to the latter”

This is cool; but I believe there is a social spin that can/should be added to this: what if the “VRM” went beyond helping me manage more my relationship with my vendors? What if it allowed me to manage my relationship with others that also have relationships with this same vendor due to the same products/services? What if, as a group, we decided to make ourselves available to address questions for potential customers for that same vendor/product?

Such aggregated power would be a force to reckon with; very interesting opportunity indeed.

Filiberto Selvas

Graham Hill


Geat post. But VRM thinking is not new.

The marketing journalist Alan Mitchell started writing about it in the UK trade magazine Marketing Week almost 10 years ago. He expanded his thoughts in his excellent book, 'Right Side Up' in 2002. Take a look at his Right Side Up blog at for lots of good resources.

Best regards as ever, Graham

PS. Please ditch the Snap Shots add-on. It pops up like the worst kind of in-your-face advertising every time the cursor hovers even anywhere near marked text or sidebar ads. It makes reading your wise thoughts almost impossible!

PPS You are right, the VRM acronym is truly awful.

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