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December 01, 2007


James Kingsley

Finally someone talked to her and your people accused her of lying; saying that it would be stupid of her to hold on to a DVR that does not work. We know from experience that any DVR you replace it with will promptly break so we choose not to spend the hours of time and hassle replacing it. After all, soon we will be rid of you. Heck, we’re saving you time and money as well!
We upheld our end of the promise. We paid you for 24 months of service. You did not fulfill your end of the promise. You did not provide the service you promised. And now you want us to pay?

I feel like an idiot for recommending DirecTV to her.
I won't make that mistake again.
I will tell everyone to avoid DirecTV. I will contact every agency. I will add comments to every online post. I will create my own site dedicated to telling the world about how you have treated us.
For the low price of $200 you:
• Turned an enthusiast (who consistently recommended DirecTV) into a detractor
• Made a fool of me.
• Called my wife a liar.
You company must be desperate for $200.

James Kingsley

I talked my girlfriend (now wife) into getting DirecTV a few years ago... because I had it for many years 2002-05 and thought it was great.
It has been an utter disappointment for her (now us). Her standard def DVR died about a year ago. They replaced it free of charge (well they accidentally bill us but then un-billed us) That one failed. We have had many, many DVRs and they all fail (with billing problems each time). Eventually they gave us a Hi Def DVR; it locks up constantly. Finally one of their techs told us that they could continue to replace the DVR but that it was pointless because they would continue to fail. We have to reboot the DVR almost daily.
Now her two year contract is up and she called to cancel. But wait! Apparently when they replaced the DVR (one of the 5 times) they extended her contract and now expect us to pay over $200 to cancel a service that does not work as advertised! No one will talk on the phone about it. We had mail a letter Colorado. It has been weeks with contact. We call the 800 number only to be put on hold for 20 mins before being told that they cant help us.
I feel like an idiot for recommending DirecTV to her.
I won't make that mistake again.

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