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February 04, 2008



I think the UnderArmour commercial was referencing the movie "Warriors" - as the tribes merged and gathered to hear the speech. The only thing missing from the commercial was the coined line of the entire (funny/lame) movie "Can you dig it?"

My favorite commercials were actually the ones done by the NFL - on the "not so SuperBowl" stories. Probably because they were real & well done. It gave a softer side to football that countered the image of embarrassing end-zone dances...

Jesus Hoyos

The ads are here as well: ... I was monitoring the site during the went from 12k members to 45k members during the game... Here are mt twitter comments:

Superbowl Ads are ready for viewing: about 18 hours ago from web
Getting errors trying to load Superbowl Ads Page at MySpace - had to refresh a few times... 41k members and counting after 2nd tv ad about 18 hours ago from web
Superbowl Ads Page in MySpace went from 12k members to almost 35k after tv ad during the first 1qtr about 18 hours ago from web

Paul G.

Hi Paul,
Check out this link for the commercials at Fox Sports.

Paul Sweeney

HI paul, I went over to the NFL site where the posts to the ads were, and the thing just would not play at all. I am in firefox, granted, but to misquote monty python "It was a dead site, deceased, no longer with us, it is no more...."

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