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March 13, 2008


Paul G.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the kudos. I'm sending off the emails on the shoot-out (I like the more macho term in this case) to the folks at both today and will follow up with a call very soon. If they don't bite, aside from their public shame, I'll be talking to you about it I'm sure. I'm going to announce my intent my Experience on the Edge podcast (which will be up Thursday) at

Matt Wittemann

Great synopsis and analysis. I am a Microsoft CRM MVP, but I wasn't able to make it to Convergence this year. Thanks for the recap. My company partners with both and Microsoft for CRM and we've been thinking about doing a bakeoff of our own. We've had a lot of traction with MS CRM 4.0, but, as you pointed out, the younger generation is not tied to the Outlook paradigm the way the more traditional business crowd is. If you don't get anywhere with Microsoft and SFDC directly, looks us up - we'd love to participate in the bakeoff!
-Matt Wittemann
VP Director of CRM Practice, Customer Connect

Ted Hartley

This is a truly outstanding post. I too would love to see the sfdc/MS bakeoff.


Great post. Like that "inbetween-ness", and "outwardness" as differentiators.

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