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April 11, 2008


Neil Davey

I'm delighted to hear that is held in such high esteem by you Paul!

I'm also interested to read Gregory's thoughts on the term 'customer management' as opposed to 'customer relationship management'.

It's certainly an interesting debate and one that has really come to the fore since Customer Management magazine (another UK-based operation) recently rebranded to Customer Strategy.

'Customer relationship management' as a term itself is no stranger to the odd bashing either - I know that some feel that it is too closely associated with just technology aspects, at the expense of the critical business processes.

It's important to regularly check which was the wind is blowing, though, and if the general consensus is that 'customer management' is less appropriate than 'customer relationship management' then it's time for a review.

Thanks again for your kind comments.

Neil Davey

Paul G.

While you see that - which bothered me at first, too - its more or less, just a European phrasing, when you examine their content. I think CRM is supposed to focus on engaging customers and collaboration as the form of the relationship. Managing customers is anathema to me and you obviously, though, in their usual good sense, they won't let themselves be managed for long - in other words, once they realize they are being managed. Management is like doing "damage control." Yuck.

That said, content belies that old school corporate thinking. I tend to let it be seen as an unfortunately phrasing than a deeply embedded set of beliefs at the site.

Thank you for linking. I'm going to go and check out your post now and reciprocate too.

Gregory Yankelovich

I put your blog on my blogroll as per your request and visited MyCustomer site. I must say the phrase "Customer Management", they use so liberally, leaves very bad taste in my mouth. I always felt that cRm suppose to focus on RELATIONSHIP. Perhaps I am too sensitive, but it smacks of lack of authenticity to me. I explored this issue a few days ago at

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