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April 03, 2008


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Can anyone give me comparative notes on Microsoft CRM Vs. Salesforce?

I have a customer that is currently using Salesforce, he uses AccountDynamics to interface Salesforce with Quickbooks, but AD is going out of business.

I am recommending that he switch to CRM.

Matias Averbuj

Did anything happen with this?

microsoft access

Let's see how microsoft would fare...

Luke Richardson

Paul, tried to reach you by email because I'd like to know a little more about who you're working with in MSFT on this shoot out. Can you shed any light on this?

Sheena patel

Hello, I am new to CRM systems and am doing some background reading there is alot of hype surrounding these 2 systems can any one point me in the right direction to find the results of this showdown. Also any other links would be very helpful.


David Hilton

What ever happened to the "shootout"

David Hilton

Keith Delarge

Any news?!


Has the shootout taken place? I'd love to see the results, or any comparisons between SF and MS Dynamics CRM.


I greatly look forward to the results of this Throwdown / Shootout / Showdown - however you decide to label it. We actually posted an article comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a couple of months ago ( and are looking forward to writing an article on Dynamics and as soon as your results are released. Please keep us updated.

Paul G.

Hi Jenn,
For the most part, the progress will be tracked. There are still details to be worked out, agreement to be reached between the two companies on the parameters and a couple of judges to choose (have two so far who will be mentioned later today) so it won't be until May that this will start. But it will start and progress will be discussed, probably not displayed on the blog as it moves forward.

Jennifer Bolton

I'm looking forward to viewing the results -
Will they be displayed here -
And will we have updates as to project progression as well as hurdles?


Gregory Yankelovich

How about borrowing a "Throwdown" from the Food Network and Bobby Flay?!_with_Bobby_Flay?

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