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May 24, 2008


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There is definitely a trend towards the integration of the CRM and Web 2.0 spheres, which makes complete sense and we should be seeing more of it. One notable website that has tied the two together quite well is, which is actually both a business network and an excellent free on-demand CRM system.

Seth Meranda

Great thoughts on this.

I work at a university that has been a client of Talisma since 2003. Talisma offers two services, CIM (which is for call centers) and CRM, which is used for in-depth campaigns. Over the last year, I have been integrating web 2.0 and Talisma's CRM product together to create my attempt at CRM 2.0 (including the merge of a private social network and Talisma). I am excited about this acquisition, as it should provide more integration of web 2.0 and CRM.

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