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May 06, 2008



i doubt that they get it - the fact is if they do get it they will realize that very soon their licensing fees will start to deteriorate and that's something that they simply cannot accept. so, let's just pretend nothing is happening. just my 2c. cheers, jake

Paul Ward

Hey, this is good news, because certainly the conversations between and the big iron folks such as SAP and Oracle have shown as truly new school. The Web 2.0 stuff as a technology is less important to business models and market success than Web 2.0 as a point of view on the relationship between the market and the company. Innovation can't just include the customer, it has to include it in a way that leverages network effects. And these don't have to do just with scaling innovation inputs, nor with scaling application outputs, but scaling the discipline effect of all those customer opinions.

As always, to have PG on the front lines checking out stuff beneath and beyond product specifications is UNBELIEVABLY valuable. I will be BUYING THAT NEW BOOK OF YOURS!

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