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May 29, 2008



I really tried logging in but it failed, frontpage locked. no space on the wiki to leave comments or anything.

Anyway here are my comments:

1) somewhere you might want to distinguish between consumer goods and others (e.g., professional services vs . purchasing detergent). This are different in the social media space sensible metrics - a framework for measuring blog success

2) also what about culture, without wanting to stereotype, Americans are quite open about talking and chatting online, in some other countries things are a bit different, worst is where CEOs rarely if ever would type a comment or want to blog - how one tackles social media there is a bit different, is it not?

3) social media can also be a terrific time waster and what some people call conversation may be little more than just stating an opinion - and no some corporates have not necessarily done it right -

Well, I hope the Wiki will soon allow us to register properly and add comments. Thanks for a) inviting us and b) fixing the little problem.... not much time left to finish the book.

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