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July 09, 2008


Davi Lucena

I left Blinklist one month ago and start using Diigo.
But there are some details in the social bookmark tool that make it worst than the others, just like these:

- Diigo doesn't permit you give stars to the sites you most like, so they can appear in first place in a given list. Blinklist does it very well. Starring your sites is a good and esay way to have access to your "favorites of favorites".

- Diigo doesn't have a Quick Start Page, like Blinklist does. This page is something like iGoogle and Netvibes, where you can put all the sites you visit often.

- Diigo doesn't permit you organize your bookmarks in bundles, like Delicious does. The bundles are excellent to find the tags associated with any given issue.

- Diigo doesn't have a bookmarklet that permit you save a page in a quick way, just with a touch in the icon, without giving it an specified tag.

That is it. I hope Diigo become, in the future, a complete bookmarking tool, offering us all the facilities the others already have.

Kim Kobza

I absolutely have to agree Paul. I am still figuring out the best ways to use it. Bookmarks are effectively an indexing system for the web. The ability to share the index, and the content with groups with a high degree of relevance is a real time saver and very useful. It is probably a better tool for closed than open networks - but even the ability to find others who are interested in the same content is interesting - especially in smaller targeted communities.

I am less certain that it is purely speaking a social networking tool. But it is absolutely a wonderful and useful tool for supporting in-network communication around content. And I think that you said it well, very interesting. Interesting as well that it is provided in an advertising model. I would love to see it offered in an alternative model which is where I think that ultimately it may find its way into almost every meaningful network.

It provides so many efficiencies. The other thing is that they are just starting, so you know that it will get better as they reach into their community. This is one worth sharing for sure. They deserve kudos for the unique insights and innovation.

Maggie Tsai


Thanks for a cool review of Diigo! Really dig your writing :-)

Indeed Diigo is designed with productivity & collaboration in mind. Glad to hear you found Diigo useful. Welcome to the Diigo community and look forward to your active participation!



Zoli Erdos

I've recently switched from to Diigo. One huge benefit of caching all the backmarked web content is you have unlimited text search, on the full content, vs. just titles in

And you don't really have to give up either: Diigo will import your bookmarks, and for new entries will in sync with itself.

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