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August 01, 2008


Buy Craftmade

As much as customers is satisfied with the services, with the products, and with the prices, they will always stay and will come back for any other products the company would offer. Though companies can't control them as being a customer there comes a time that we wanted to try something new, like new brand. But if they'll found out the yours is much way better than the other, they will always come back for your services.

reborn dolls

American Girl has very nice dolls but you're right they are very expensive. I prefer the Berenguer dolls, lee middleton dolls or ashton drake dolls.

Michele Eggers

Great chapter, Paul. You really tap into the core of what companies need to do more of -- focus on the customer and the experience they're looking for. And, I think a great byproduct of this customer focused strategy is that they've successfully created communities of consumers that worship the brand and are positive influencers. Case in point Elizabeth's comment above with the Girl Scout troop!

I'm already saving up for the anticipated purchases for my soon be 1 year old daughter...;)

Elizabeth Fairleigh

I have a 7 year old who is just now getting into the American Girl doll -She only has one doll, Julie who looks JUST like her - The fact that there's a doll prototype for every girl imaginable helps the company market themselves in a big way - it also enhances the child's personal experience because the kid relates 1:1 to the doll.

But the American Girl concept is so much more than just a toy doll- The company publishes a book for young girls on how to take care of your changing body as well as a book about sex that is appropriate for girls 8 and up - Parents can read the books together with their daughters and the child asks questions along the way - So American Girl is tapping the child with a memorable experience, while also providing a powerful educational tool for parents. Win/Win/Win!!!

Louis Columbus

Paul, Another excellent chapter, well done. My daughter is 12 and in the prime target market of American Girl as all of her friends are too. Her Girl Scout troop won a special award for selling over their quota of cookies for the year. The reward: $500 to spend on a group activity. The girls took a vote and unanimously decided on a show and lunch at American Girl in West LA. What the stores attempt to do is portray an entire storyline in each of the retail displays, from Colonial girls to modern day. It’s as if they are selling the experience of being one of these girls to their customers.

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