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September 21, 2008


Joshua Weinberger


A bit belated, but I've been meaning to reply ever since I saw this post last week.

Thanking you can't possibly do justice to the compliment of being included here, and there's not enough humility to properly express my surprise, either.

Your sense of inclusion and your generosity of spirit, your commitment to sharing your knowledge and experience, your belief in the notion that we all do better when we all do better -- they're all more uncommon than you'd be willing to admit, and more uncommon than they should be in this world, but at least I know enough to know how special you are to this industry and to all of us.

Thanks again; the best promise I can make is that I'll do my best to honor your opinion of me.

Chris Bucholtz

Jiminy Crickets! I is a real honor to be included on a list with so many talented, capable and (not coincidentally, I think) kind, friendly and helpful people. Thank you, Paul!


Chris Bucholtz

Jiminy Crickets! I'm truly honored to be included in a list that includes so many capable, talented, and (not coincidentally, I suspect) friendly, kind and generous people. Thank you, Paul!


Graham Hill

Hi Paul

I an honoured to be mentioned in such illustrious circles.

To quote Adlai Stevenson...

"Flattery is all right so long as you don't inhale."

Back to work thinking about the future of CRM...

Thanks, Graham

Marshall Lager

Paul --

I'll refrain from the usual Sally Field impersonation I crack out upon receipt of plaudits, and simply say Thank You. Coming from anybody it means a lot. Coming from you, it's even more.

Oh, and the rest of these people don't suck, either. We keep good company! :-)

Scott Rogers

Paul - I am truly honored and humbled by your inclusion of me in such an esteemed group. You too are one of the main reasons why I continue to man the ramparts on behalf of the customer.

Dale Wolf


You have discovered one of Cincom's great secret weapons. Louis Columbus is all you say, and then some. We all love working with Louis, his laugh is so loud and genuine that when we are having meetings next door to other meetings we practically have to put a muzzle on him. I am always a bit surprised (I shouldn't be) when the "rich and famous" post comments to his blog postings. The other day Colin Shaw, kind of the inventor of the CEM movement, made a comment to one of his postings on The Perfect Customer Experience. We have several well known guest authors on our blog, but Louis leads in thoughtful output. Glad to hear you are recovering from your accident ... it is frightening how fast accidents happen. One second you're laughing and the next you are in an ambulance. Of course, you forgot to include your self as an under-the-radar CRM analyst.

Dale Wolf
Editor, The Perfect CEM Blog

Aly Saxe

Paul, I am humbled. You are too kind to call out the people who make this industry great and I am so tickled to be included in this list of amazing people. I've had the pleasure of working with many of them and would agree with every bit of sentiment here. You deserve all the success and blessings you've had this year.

--Aly Saxe
Ubiquity Public Relations

Steve Kayser

Paul - never met you, but I like the company you keep. You've never met me - but you wouldn't like the company I keep.

Louis Columbus is an extraordinary person. He has the ability to share his ideas, information and insights in a meaningful and helpful way. No sales schtick. Just honest, accurate information. He takes pride in his objectivity and has a great sense of humor. Louis only has ONE SERIOUS FAULT. His Twitter Page grade is higher than mine - which I take eternal umbrage with. Just because he knows all the smart people. But I have way more friends in low places than he could ever imagine.

Thanks for this article. It introduced me to some new people whose ideas and writings I need to check out.


Steve Kayser

Brent Leary


Thank you so much for including me in this list of great people. I truly am honored.


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