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September 27, 2008


Peritocer CRM

Social CRM is essential application to socializing customer interaction.

Microsoft CRM

Yes, it seems like Larry Ellison always is saying things to create controvery and get things stired up.

cheap computers

They're great for reunions and hanging out and throwing things at your friends, but in business you need the enterprise space that's around it.

Paul G.

Jake, you're right. Its been around since 2007.The reason it deserves the mention this year - and not so much last - is that Oracle decided to make its default page Oracle Mix for the conference - thus increasing the visibility for their new strategy which is to make Oracle as a company as "social" as they make their CRM product. Or at least to start that. Thanks very much for the history - I think this confirms the fact that Oracle seems to be making - at least in some areas - a significant and visible change. Life is funny that way!


Further proof that Mix isn't event-driven, it went live at the beginning of last year's OpenWorld in November 2007 and has been running with a low profile since then.

If you want more on its evolution and history, check out the mix tag on our blog.

Nicki Crane

Great insight for those of us unable to make it this year. Looking forward to reading your upcoming edition of "CRM at the Speed of Light."

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