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November 18, 2008


Jane McCarty

Totally agree with Phil. I've tested Zoho functionality more than once
and my impression is all the same.
Zoho offers a variety of unfinished products, but I must say their support showed really something:

I didnt expect that to be handled in just a couple of days.

Doug Cummings

Paul, have to disagree with you on 2 levels. First, I think it's appropriate to call bullshit on Benioff's claims of SFDCs magical benevolence to the partner ecosystem every once in a while. SFDC hasn't been the most partner friendly company from the beginning, yet through its appexchange/ marketing spin they deliberately portray otherwise, and Benioff has been known to spin a yarn or two in this direction. What's the matter with Vembu pointing out the man behind the green curtain?

Which leads to #2; this kind of publicity is great publicity. I've heard about Zoho 3 times in the last 24 hours because of this post, it puts them in the same category in the same sentence as SFDC, and led me to read an article by you mostly praising their apps.

Raju Vegesna

We hear you Paul.

@Phil Application Integration is certainly on top of our list and this will continue to be our top priority for next year. There are some interesting integrations (like Mail & CRM) coming soon.

Sridhar Vembu

Paul, thanks for the tough love ;)

To clear the air, we do hugely respect what Benioff has done - single-handedly put software-as-a-service on the map, defying skeptics.

Now, we made 200+ blog posts last year, and 2 of them talked about this issue. So cut us 1% slack :) In any event, we are done talking about it.

Thanks again - we do value your opinion.


Phil Hodgen

Well put. The personal sniping is unseemly and it disturbs the customers (me) by suggesting that personalities are getting in front of business principles. Dear Zoho, zip your lip, stop whining, and work on your product.

And I deliberately use the singular "product" there. Zoho's greatest failing for me is that they are splintered all over creation with little integration between what they offer. My suggestion is to stop churning out new products and features and instead put all of those great engineers to use in knitting the pieces into one cohesive whole.

Oh. And buy some eye candy (interpretation ==> UI simplification) please. Add some simplicity. :-)

But yeah, Zoho, quicher bitching.

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