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December 23, 2008


James Downey

Indeed, Dynamics CRM is a very powerful platform. I have trained administrative assistants and business analysts who have customized Dynamics CRM in response to new business requirements without any assistance. They can get 80-90 percent of the way toward powerful business applications in a very short period of time even though they have no programming skills.

As a developer, I really appreciate the fact that when users do reach the limits of what can be accomplished through the user interface, which is inevitable in any CRM application, I can extend the application to meet any requirement because I have available the entire Microsoft platform, including SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, the .Net framework, and the Workflow Foundation. And I develop using the most powerful development tool on the market, Visual Studio.

Dynamics CRM is a rich multi-layer platform that makes possible both rapid development by non-programmers and limitless customizations by developers.

Thanks to Paul for getting the word out.

Sanjay Jain

Hi Paul, thank you for your support and insight to make this effort successful. It was great to meet you in-person and thanks for celebrating your birthday with us including 5 CRM startup teams.

David Drach

Hey Paul, it was a pleasure to have you at the event and validate much of what we have been working on. Note, that I, personally, did not come up with Microsoft's BizSpark program. Ciff Reeves drove the effort and Julien Codornoiu executed a heroic effort of getting the program launched.

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