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January 13, 2009


Gary Zhang

I don't quite understand the difference between a content or say document management system and a wiki. If a nice document system or content management system allow team update and display the content in a wiki way, can we call it a wiki system? Imagine all the changes are logged as when, who and where.

Gary from

Chris Bucholtz

Paul - If the content is good, it's good! (And it is good...)

Plus, I do the same thing on my non-CRM blog - post excerpts from books I'm working on. Except no one's agreed to publish a couple of those, so it just SEEMS like blog-specific content (and I guess it will remain so for a little while).

I think with wikis we face the same issue we face with a lot of CRM: it only works if you get buy-in and participation. Unlocking the knowledge contained in your organization depends on those with that knowledge getting involved and actively sharing it. That may mean some active promotion of wikis within companies - sanctioned time away from other tasks specifically for working on wikis, for example. If I'm right about that, it suggests that the higher in the organization the wiki evangelist is, the better the chances of success.

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