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October 06, 2009


שיווק באינטרנט

That indicates when a buyer goes to a home, they have an graphic of what they think being handled like a girl or a man is and what a girl or a man should act like. So they assume support that fits those objectives.


As usual, awesome article. All of your tips are relevant and true. I have a question about balancing the Internet into all of that - being that online is where many customers turn first to either learn about products or, more importantly, other customers feelings towards a company - the strongest type of influencer.
I read an amazing paper about a year back by brent leary and found loads of specific details about the Net and social sites influences on how customers are gained and lost.
do you have any suggestions for how companies should gear their online behavior, especially for how they engage customers in social sites?


Hi Paul,

As always, you post great content. Something that provokes the thought process. :)

As you rightly pointed out:

1.Don't Promise What You Can't Do

I recently went to a retail outlet to purchase some clothes. I had a good opinion about that outlet and I did my regular shopping. Billing was over for what I shopped for. At that moment,the sales person promoted an offer to me that If I buy two more pieces of what I bought, I will get a complementary gift. I was not expecting this and it came as bonus to my shopping experience.

I selected two more pieces of that same brand and went to get it billed. At that moment, the sales person informs me that, that offer is only available on a single bill. Not split as two bills and he will be unable to provide me the complementary gift.

This really pissed me off and a sense of betrayal because of the false promise given by that person crept in. I decided not to purchase the other two pieces (even though I liked them very much) just because of the false promise.

How a bonus shopping experience shattered their image in the prospects mind is something that brands should watch out for.

2. Make Sure The Ordinary Stays Ordinary

At a restaurant near my place, when a customer enters their premises the first thing they do is greet the customer and provide them a seating of their choice. Second thing serve refreshment (without ordering anything) then request for order is prompted. (This may the case in many restaurants). Recently the prices of commodities rose and to cut down on costs, they stopped giving free refreshments. So the next time I went to dine in there, I missed that Ordinary (regular) experience of refreshments.

3. Keep the Experience Consistent

Airtel - A well known telecom company has always kept the experience of their customer support consistent. They work 6 days a week and if you file a complaint on Saturday afternoon say 2pm, you can be sure that the problem most probably will be rectified the same day itself. This is the kind of support they offer and which gives me lot of satisfaction with their brand.

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