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November 23, 2009



And this is the newest from Salesforce - People often complain that they are managing their sales from one crm program and their time management from a different application. Now Clarizen and Salesforce have a data integration system that allows your online crm program to "talk" to your online project management software. And it integrates with Microsoft too.

Microsoft CRM

Hi Paul,

Terrific post.

It is fascinating seeing what Salesforce is up to.

Microsoft CRM Implementation

Good stuff Paul, nice information...


Nice post Paul.

In particular, I also agree with the critique - "there are no filters." Filters will be key - in fact, more than just basic filtering, but also contextual. When I'm in a PSA app vs. another app I should see activity streams based on who I am, what I want, and what I am doing.

We will see information overload and contextual filtering will be key for making collaborative apps (e.g. those enabled with Chatter) valuable.

Sameer Patel

Great stuff Paul. I think a price correction will come or a meaty free version. Stand alone, the social features presented are already on the path to comoditization.
Apreciate the link to my blog as well. Cheers

Esteban Kolsky


Excellent job, as usual, of summing it up. Your experience in this industry shines in post like this one.

Other than the kissing-up, I wanted to share some of my conversations with other analysts and users of this and other CRM apps. I always said that vendors should do more of what users want, alas -- they are not listening to their customers, why would the listen to analysts?

My summary thoughts on Sales Cloud 2.0 are similar to yours - but from the people I talked to the lack of filters will translate into a bigger problem.

I am going to paraphrase one of the people I respect the most when it comes to sales: Joe Galvin (currently from Sirius Decisions and previously from Gartner) is a friend and someone I interviewed in my blog about Social Sales. His key comment to me was as it was presented, Chatter will result in (I will paraphrase here) "everyone and their brother asking me ever 30 seconds via my stream whether the deal came in yet".

I think that Filters are going to be the key here (as they are in any other activity stream). While at Defrag earlier this year we had a lot of good conversations on activity streams and all of them emphasized filters and noise reduction as critical, nay mandatory for user adoption.

Anyways, just another 1/2 cent for your change jar...

Thanks for the great insights (and for the plug to my blog)

Ed Schlesinger

.... and now - can you IMAGINE the benefits for students, universities, etc. I can; nope, have already.

studentforce Chatter!

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