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November 04, 2009



Its amazing the impact that social networks have in sports. Being an avid Yankees fan, i find myself watching the game and reading the newspaper less. I find now,I rely on my Twitter and Facebook for game results. Not only that, I also find getting hyped for games is a lot more fun because of the friendly trash talking going on through tweets and facebook updates.

Social Networking Software

Paul, you are correct... I am not a Yankees hater, I am a Marlins fan... ;-) great post! and yes OSNs have to do a lot about connecting wiht people like us, like me...


agree with Kevin,that OSn seem to have a great deal.


"People like you." This and the whole thought surrounding it (I saw how quickly that even existing social networks and communities can morph themselves into new forms with new rich results and conversation - which tells you how important it is to not just understand the business value of the communications revolution that we've seen in the last five years or so, but the social value that's been added when it comes to being able to converse with "people like you" in real time in a few seconds after you decide you want to.) are exactly why biz's need to get involved in social media via their employees transparently talking about their services and products.
I'm going to be listening in to Brent Leary's free Sage Summit talk next Tuesday on the 11th of Nov to get more tips on this. I know anyone can register for free here: - his ebook is free to all who listen in afterwards. I know he's talking to the value of social CRM so that companies and "people like" them - their customers - can engage one another in the new marketplace of ideas. Its working for Zappos and Dell - why not our/your company???!?!

Kevin Richardson

A 2009 World Series social network! Had I been a Yankees or Phillies fan I would have been all over this. As a lifelong Dodgers fan (next year is our year) I have found solace in OSNs with other frustrated Dodger fans that used the World Series to discuss the Dodgers plans for next year.

Being in CRM for the tradeshow/event industry it is my hope that OSN flourishes. Associations are creating buzz and gathering feedback before events, attendees are planning meetups and discussing announcements in real-time (both attendees that are present and those who are not). Virtual events are starting to pop-up as a way to attend from your office, house, hotel. All with two truths in mind:

1. The event will come to an end
2. We who connect because of that event will be changed forever as a result of the connections made...and through those connections start new and different discussions.

These OSNs seem to have a great deal in common with the traditional tradeshow/corporate event, with greater residual connective power.

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