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December 07, 2009


Microsoft CRM

Hi Paul,

I think that your 2009 predictions were pretty darn good.

Now if only the Padres could contend in 2010. :-)


I would disagree on Sage's grasp of REST. The are violating one of the primary objectives of REST by defining a required URL structure. The impact of this is that client applications will be written against this, changes will need to be made to the API and then versioning will become a nightmare. REST/Http done properly avoids this. All the big players are making the same mistake, Google with GData, Microsoft with OData and Sage's SData is the worst offender.
If you doubt the veracity of my claim, check out Roy's post here

Teddy H aka Teddy Baseball

Hi Paulie-

Great post as usual........just one quesiton...How can there be a forceout at second when the bases were just cleared by a triple?


Paul, we're practicing lots in the off season in the batting cage so we can come out swinging hard for some more Social CRM homers in 2010 ;) See you in the new year my friend.


Courtney Wiley Taylor

Thank you for the Neighborhood America mention. We agree that the impending phase is for "Social" to join forces with CRM applications, giving us "social + CRM."

Our CRM white paper discusses how existing CRM systems enable the next generation of CRM 2.0 to engage the social customer: (It's the last one on the list.)

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