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December 21, 2009


Adami CRM

Great post. This helps us a lot for our product (

Renaissance Clothing

(10 Gazillion)Yankees repeat in 2010 as world champions .... It is amazing what a wad of cash can buy you :) Just saying
A Disappointed Philly Fan

Donal Daly

Hi Paul,

Enjoyed the post - just found you today from a link at Cerado. I don't want to self promo here, but have some interesting web 2.0 stuff that will disrupt a lot of the consulting around CRM (in the sales arena) that I think you'd find interesting.

I'd like to send you a link to a 3min video. Please let me know by email if that's ok -thanks.


Ray Brown

Hi Paul Greetings from melbourne. Great post thanks. Love the "light touch" style. Pointed in your direction this morning by Bill Band. I look forward to following you in 2010


A very detailed and authoritative article. Thank you.

Dan Peay

Brilliantly written and engaging. This is my first introduction to some of these technologies and I feel enlightened with solutions I didn't even know existed. A subject deserving more depth is system architecture for CRM (xRM) platforms becoming the foundation for customized applications. I think Microsoft Dynamics CRM got this right and Force is playing catch-up. I'll spend more time exploring REST.

Thank you for introducing a broad and interesting cadre of technologies. This should keep me busy until your next blog.

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