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April 12, 2010


Microsoft CRM


Great post!

I totally agree with how CRM has evolved from customer management to customer engagement.


This is one is cool. I could totally relate to this because i've been using CRm for about 2 years!

Gabriel Gheorghiu

I agree that Social CRM is never purely social. But the question is: who says it should be? The "social" word is mostly used because it reminds us of social media.

Most companies don't want to be social, unless that brings them more customers, which means more profit. This reminds of a company owner who once said that he wants his employees to print less, not because he wants to save the planet, but to save money.

Being purely social usually costs a lot and brings no or limited financial profit. Which makes me think: can (S)CRM really be social? I will be writing an article on how i see a real (or pure) social CRM. I would like to involve CRM experts and software vendors and your thoughts on this are more than welcome.

Thank you!

aaron atkins

i am not really that familiar with this.... can i ask for your sources?

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