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May 13, 2010


analiza techniczna

WHAT A LOVELY POST ! I could say this company can handle its business very well. It know how to handle the customers and their requirements. I am impressed with the way it works. I would love to red more regarding the same. There is lot of things that I have to learn from it :]].

Puma Clyde

The Program Existence Cycle integrates the project management and product development life cycles with the actions directly associated with program deployment and operation. By design, process operation management and related actions occur after the project is complete and aren't documented within this guide.

Adami CRM

Really Great article!! thank you for all the details.

ERP Software

Great article & bag, thanks for sharing!

Jeff Hazel

Great story! Clearly this company knows how to listen and respond -- not the case, sadly, with all businesses. Convergys' 2010 Customer Scorecard Research finds that just 61% of customers agree that companies generally listen to and act on feedback. Ignoring customers when things go south is a leading cause of attrition -- 44% of customers leave a company after a single bad experience (for a more in-depth look go to Waterfield Designs apparently is making every effort to keep good customers like you on-board.

Jeff Hazel
Director, Convergys Corporation


Terrific article, I'm still digesting.

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