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June 16, 2010



Thank you Paul. I am new to your page and I have already learned a lot in this first visit. Keep up the great insights!

Ray Brown

Hi Paul Thanks for a great post and a great list. I'm a relative newcomer to this space but your list will help me to cut through some of the "noise". Enjoy the rest of your trip.


You say you learn from us, but here you are taking time off when on vacation, not to attend to business or personal advancement, but to give credit to others. I've learned more from you than you will ever know, Paul.

I'm completely honored to be included here, for your friendship and for your selflessness.

Bjørn Hascher

And than there's also the experts working at companies that are not writing about their experiences or visions. As an Editor-in-Chief of the Dutch Online CRM magazine ITcommercie, I come along these men and women all the time. Some of them know a lot more than some of the online active experts(*). A lot of these men and women don't have the ambition or need to write about it and are therefore unknown to a broad audience. As a professional you always should keep that in mind when reading whatever is on the web.

(*) Not refering to Paul btw. We had him speak as an expert on one of our CRM events in The Netherlands this year ;)

Bjørn Hascher
Editor-in-Chief ITcommercie

jeremiah owyang

Thanks Paul.

Regarding that "Top 50" list, I frankly, didn't feel I belonged there. There's so many other smart people to learn from that have been looking at Social CRM for much longer. Take for example, lIke yourself.

It's an honor to make your list, thank you, but why do I feel that way? Because we've engaged, and you've been watching me closely. I've a lot to learn, and want to continue to learn from all those that have experiences before me, thank you for all your sharing.

Humbled, and always learning.

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