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July 06, 2010


Phillip Eastwood

This is important for expansion. Closing the loop between the business owners, handlers, and all of the stakeholders can help a lot, since it's a key to the improvement of the products and services. Keeping that loop alive will speed up the feedback system flow.

Congratulations Paul, nice tie up in Toronto. That might also make some of your research agenda more "do-able" as there are Phd's to crunch your numbers; Grads to run cognitive psychology experiments, and friends to stimulate new directions.

Oh and Canada has a whole bunch of cute girls that play guitar. Just sayen.

Mike Boysen


I agree with Prem. It should be...

"It is the company's 'step-by-step' response to the customer's control of the conversation."

Just kidding. Thanks for the mention. Great post!


I am really enjoying your chronicles of the social CRM as a new discipline. There is a primordial soup of ideas and a few folks like yourself have taken on the task of selecting, shaping, curating and defining these ideas into crisp concepts and birth a whole new discipline.

I can't wait for your next year and how it shapes all of our thinking.

Personally, I will be focused on how social is impacting the world of customer care. I would love to share and help you in any way I can.

Warm Regards,

Munish |

A. Prem Kumar

Wow! Great recapitulation as well as reminiscing on the year that was & the year that could have been, as well as the crucial course correction! Paul, congratulations on a job done pretty darn well over the past year! :)

Psst!!! Paul ... here ... Psst!!! People will now jump on your choice of new terms as part of the revised definition. My hunch says people will take them out of context (what else can provoke a debate & thus bring them followers, readers, whatever?) and equate 'programmatic' to being software centric & thus 'automated' rather than in the traditional/original, non computer sense of the term 'program'. But I am raring to get into that debate should it come to that! :D

Thanks for being a great frientor & BFF! :D


Thinker, Tinker, Connector |

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