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November 09, 2010


CRM Consultant

you have to expect companies to come to you when they want more money. they are about as loyal to us as we are to them in my opinion.

but yeh, on the whole gotta agree with jnassi.


Proactive would be welcome change by an airline. In my experience, the only time an airline reaches out to you proactively is if they want to sell you something -- like preferred boarding opportunities. As if I care when I board the plane, much less want to pay more for the chance to sit there in an uncomfortable seat for longer than everyone else!

United DOES send out email surveys, but only AFTER a flight. If they were to do some kind of proactive campaign, I'd be pleasantly shocked.

I do most of my flying on either United (lifetime) or Continental (recent months). I'm scared to death that the merger is going to result in the lowest common denominator between the two airlines, not the best qualities of each.

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