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December 07, 2010



Hi My name is Mathieu Lavoie, I'am the CEO of
I really like your article. I would like to be listed in the soft review.
Can you make a review of our app ?

best regards,

John Mayner - ERP consultant

The self interest of the potential user is more important than the self interest of the potential buyer. It's really hard to make an user enjoy a CRM system, according to my experience. Very few solutions really create self-interest at users...

Thad McIlroy

You mention PipelineDeals in one of your ZDNet columns way back in 2009. There is no search on this site, nor an email address to contact you (that I can see). Have you reviewed PipelineDeals on your site or elsewhere? Thank you.


Excellent article, lot of things to take on board. How do you see vendors like Oracle adapting to the CEM focus?

Basar Oztaysi

What is the meaning of the numbers infront of the topic ? Ex:
(6) Knowledge management replaces enterprise ...
(9)Customer experience reasserts itself...
(6) Co-creation and customer driven ...
(8) Microsoft Azure emerges as a true ...
(5) Application marketplaces will become ...

CRM Consultant

Part I and II fully digested. looking forward to my desert (part III).

Rebecca Holdereness

What metric is the best way to measure CRM success?

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