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September 05, 2011


Christianne Haugom

Bad experience always appear your business a bad image.In Finland many of business use call center companies to give customer a good service with quality to get so a lot of customer satisfaction which can lead them to a good image of their business.Well i am very impress on this article.


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Sean Follin

Great post, Paul.

I heard Ray tell his bar story on the last day of the event. From what you both said it sounds like there is a pervasive corporate culture issue at the Hilton, not necessarily a few bad apple employees. The greatest part is that if they only fixed the small stuff (and doing the right small stuff takes just as much effort as doing bad small stuff) they'd be 100x better off.

As my friend Arnold says, "Hasta la vista, Hilton."

Chris Bucholtz

The level of accuracy in this post is staggering. I went through a similar experience (less the plumbing stuff, thank goodness). One of my lasting memories is the used room service tray on the floor in the hall across from my door with a full glass of milk that sat there... and sat there... and sat there. It may still be there now, for all I know.

Luckily, I switched hotels and found a good one ( It was a "goofus and gallant" kind of trip hotel-wise!

Hotels have to realize that their behavior is essentially "broadcast" by their guests - the treatment they get is coming at an unusual and often special point in their customers' lives, a point they enjoy talking about. Good or bad, the story's going to get told. And you'd think they'd make extra efforts to get it together with a CRM conference coming in!

Kevin Richardson

Thanks for sharing your experience Paul. Not only did Hilton lose CRM Evolution but I now question it (at best) when I book travel to NYC. I wonder if there is value in the thought of the doctor becoming the patient...having all at the hotel (in this case) spend a night as a guest (undercover guest). So often the "Customer Eye's View" makes such a huge difference.

Seems that the best companies today take seriously the mantra, "We are because of our customers."

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