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November 07, 2011



hi: this is a great infographic of the technology solutions, stumbled on...
for marketing evolution going on
1 influence
2 experience
3 economics


Hi Paul, I was reading your 2009 book - "CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition - Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers".

sorry to ask in this influencer comment, but i could not work out where to put this question on the book.

some questions

1) Chapter 22 you give some "forecasts..." :-)
Given its 2012 Aug (3-4 years later)... is there a post where you have updated/refreshed your forecasts. I am going back into CRM land after 5 years away and wanted to see what has transpired for these forecasts. any help be much appreciated.

2) Early on in book, VRM is spoken about. VRM (CRM flipped where customer, stores there information and gives access to vendor).
I loved the sound of this concept. I looked for VRM related apps in app store and even AppX. Could not find anything. Are there any?

3) TOOls for mapping of customer experiences.
(every touchpoint etc..)
After reading your chapter on this, I wondered has it improved since 2009. In Jan this year, I gathered a bundle of samples of customer experience mapping (from blueprint, to basic flow with emotions and timing).. but nothing went wow wow wow... for me. I asked in blogs etc.. what is available.. and basically the repeat message back.. tools are being worked on at the moment... but non go wow wow wow.

I looked thru toolset (given their new Flow Designer) and it is not geared to customer experience mapping. Still focused on operational process flow mapping.

so I wondered... has this technique delivered the "expected" value of 2009 in the last four years? or was it another great idea with little direct return? Your opinion?

4) I've also read the more recent book 2011 - Unleash the Force. In the book it speaks to informational-componenent of the product, and using the CRM apps to "make this possible". This I got, in a big way. Story given was the "paper-cup" example. I believe the idea came from Michael's Business MOdel book.
Your book did not mention the advantage of "informational-component" of the product. So i wondered if you had an opinion.

5) do u have a link that compares sugarCRM to -- i have not stumbled on it yet. I wanted to comparison in the SocialCRM aspects.

6) Lastly, did not get one of your "superSTAR" ratings.... I thought I bit of surprise given Marc Benioff forwarded the book... so is there a story....

many thanks for a great great book
much appreciated your content and humour!

Dirk Jan Dokman

Thank you all so much for organizing this. All the best!

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