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March 17, 2012


Maria Elena

Recently, social CRM has become a trend to watch. Social CRM allows a company to integrate a customer’s Twitter handle with other social media information into a company’s database. Working synergistically to learn about their interests, social CRM tailors your interactions to their likes and needs. This kind of personalization allows for pinpointing communication and special offers that better address client trends. In addition, companies can use social CRM for interesting applications, such as conducting virtual focus groups that can lead to more profitable business decisions. This idea has been stressed by

A Facebook User


This is a very good exercise in continuous improvement for customer service overall. As much as our industry talks about customer service, what it means and how to improve, I'm astounded by how many companies of all sizes still deliver experiences less than expected and just downright poor. Anyway, thanks for the on point and concise blog, and keep it coming.

Rich A.

Alexandre Mesquita

Back to basic is really important to keep the business strenghts/ advantages.

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