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May 14, 2012


Rob Hilsen

Great insights. You're making it too easy for vendors in the CRM space. I'll reserve specific comments until I've read the rest of your related posts, other than to say 'congratulations' to everyone you mentioned (and to those not mentioned and who know they're a significant part of the influencer community and "regulars" (or irregulars) on the industry- and vendor-event circuit). I've had positive interactions, if not significant relationships (and numerous Indian curries), with almost everyone you mentioned, and it's part of the reason - okay, for me the main reason - i've enjoyed working in this space and with all of these people over the past nine years: with Ed and Michael, Bill and Kate, Jeremiah and Ray at RightNow; with Ian, Dennis and Ginger at Maximizer; and at Genesys with Mary, Sheryl, you, Esteban and everyone else in and implied by your article. Interestingly, it was a phone call from John Taschek - nice to see him mentioned - and a review that showed up in eWeek after he'd left that is very much responsible for me getting one of the most significant "breaks" in my CRM career. I thank him for his time as I thank you and every other edgy, thoughtful, and patient influencer who is helping make this industry so great.

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