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February 11, 2013



Thanks Paul - loved it.

Yu-kai Chou

Btw, I noticed you have a captcha system when commenting. You should try out the "Are you human" plugin. It's a captcha that makes people play a VERY simple game to prove they are human. I use it on my blog too (not commenting but contact me page) and find that more delighting than looking at the dark ugly scribbles.

Let me know what you think! (I'm not affiliated with them, just an avid fan of gamification and making things fun)

Yu-kai Chou

This is awesome! Thanks for the share Paul!

This is one of the earliest pieces I learned on the piano too ;-)

Love examples of marketing gamification.

Yu-kai Chou, Gamification Gosu

MJ Crabbe-Barberis

Beautiful, brought to tears!

Diane Berry

I have been sharing this ad with all of my friends & family. It is wonderful.


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Paul!


That was awesome. I'd seen in a few times but not taken the time to watch it. Got chills multiple times throughout! Thanks for sharing, sir!


BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing Paul!

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