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November 01, 2013



Thanks for sharing. Eric from Duke Diet and Fitness Center

Ed Shepherdson

Leadership at it's finest. Sharing for the purpose of enriching others. Thanks Paul

Sean Follin

Good read. These kinds of communities are really cool. They are even more fortunate than some other brands in the sense that their ambassadors all have intimate, humanizing, life altering stories to share that are very real to each individual (perfect example: this blog post). Organizing that content and providing a platform for it to spread would be powerful, and for a good cause to boot.

On the other hand, the intimate nature of the program sounds like it's the most impactful component. Losing that community feel, which can sometimes happen with more people joining, would be tragic. It'd be important to identify the naturally forming sub-groups and ensure that the platform was flexible enough to meet those groups' needs, online and off.

Finally, go Paul!


Hey Paul,

Thanks for putting it all on the table, this is a delicious blog! Pun intended.

To be serious, Kathy and I have a few friends that we will forward this to in hopes that they too may find the solution to their plaguing health problem.

As you know we are in the SF bay Area. Did you happen to come across similar programs here, Stanford or USF perhaps?

Thanks again,



Congrats on your success Paul. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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